Learn to orientate - course starts 25 April

The course focuses on young people who want to learn more about orienteering and who think that orienteering can be a sport that they want to pursue.

We encourage parents to attend the course themselves.

For young people who sign up, it is important to try to participate from the very first moment - so that the others in the group(s) are not slowed down.

For adults, an intensive course is planned with a provisional date of 22-23 April. More information soon on hellasorientation.se

Location: Hellasgården. Minimum age is 8 years.

Price 450 SEK for young people up to and including 20 years old. The same price applies to accompanying parents.

The courses are 25/4, 2/5, 9/5, 23/5 and 30/5. Always at 18 at Hellasgården. Also a course session 16/5
at another location. You will receive more information about this event during the course.

The course fee includes maps, explanation of map signs, the opportunity to borrow a compass and membership in Hellas Orienteering, which gives you free participation in all the organisation's activities during the rest of the year.

Register for the course here. 

Intensivkurs för vuxna i orientering 22-23 april

Kursen vänder sig till dig som är helt ny i orienteringen eller kan lite men vill bli bättre på att läsa karta! Under två intensiva dagar går vi igenom grunderna i orientering, testar teorin i praktik, lär oss använda kompass och karta, går igenom olika analysverktyg för vidare utveckling, med mera.

Kursen vänder sig till dig som är och uppåt, ingen förkunskap krävs.

Plats: Hellasgården  Datum: 22-23 april  Kostnad: 1 500 kr Kursavgiften inkluderar:

medlemskap i Hellas Orientering för hela året och tillgång till alla våra aktiviteter

  • instruktörer både på teori- och praktikpass
  • lånekompass
  • orienteringskartor
  • kurslitteratur
  • start på ett orienteringsarrangemang på söndagen
  • lunch, fika, omklädningsrum/bastu lördag/söndag

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This week's orienteering course at Hellasgården:

(2022-12-21: After a short break due to a lot of unexpected snow in December, we are back on track! New tracks from Monday 26 December.)

  • New lane every two weeks, usually new lane from Monday at 01.00, even weeks. Maps with course printouts are available for 70 SEK in the café/reception of the sauna and fitness centre. Drawing the courses is free of charge. Bring your own map or buy one from us, price 140 SEK.
  • The checkpoints are marked in winter with red and white stripes, reflective sticks and the text Hellas. In summer only red and white lines. Sportident (digital timekeeping) will be used on occasion. Information about this in the news section of our website and on Facebook.
  • The courses are marked and planned by the leaders of Hellas Orienteering.
  • This week's track is also available in Livelox.

Trainings at Hellasgården on Tuesdays and open trainings at the club house in Lissma on Saturdays

Hellas Orienteering has training sessions every Tuesday, usually at Hellasgården's sauna and gym at 6 pm. For more information, email info@hellasorientering.se.

We also have activities at our nice club house in Lissma. If possible an even better starting point for orienteering.
During winter and pre-season we meet there every Saturday at 10 am. Good opportunities to try orienteering. Maybe you are a multisport or fitness athlete who wants to try orienteering. Here you can take the chance to hang out with talented orienteers and see and learn "out there"!

We currently have a lovely group of interested young people and parents as well as other adults!

Hellas Trail

The Hellas Trail in Paradiset near the Hellas Orienteers' club house in Lissma will be a challenge for all types of runners. The race will be held for the first time on 21 March 2020, the first time the terrain has been used for a trail race.
Read more here

We sell maps with the course of the week and the Nature Pass

Nature pass: 200 kr/package

Map Nackareservatet-Erstavik (scale 1:15000):250 kr

Map Kärrtorp-Nacka (scale 1:10000): 140 kr

We organise an orientation day for schools and others. Read more here

Course of the week

This week's orienteering course offers technical and physical challenges both for those who want to exercise in the woods and for orienteers who want to train their technique.

Black track, 5-7 km.

Blue course, 2.5-3.5 km.

Red track 5-7 km.

Yellow track, 3 km.

New course every other Monday, uneven week.

The courses are designed by Team Hellasgården.

The tracks are also available in Livelox.