Open every day of the year!

Opening hours

Reception and activity centre

9-21 on weekdays, 9-18 on weekends.

The Lake Café

Friday-Sunday 10-16 (outdoors)

(temporarily also at reception on weekdays)

We do not take cash. Tel: 08-716 39 61

SWISH: 1232203214

You use area code 52 on STHLM public parking.


Restaurant Storstugan
Monday-Friday 11-16, Sat-Sun 10-17

Rules for the public:

As a visitor to the area, you must comply with the regulations that apply to the general public. Some important general points are that you are NOT allowed to:

  • Cycle between the buildings at Hellasgården. Space is limited and there is a risk of collision. Be considerate of pedestrians and children at play. Read before you arrive.

  • Camping.

  • Bring a dog or other pet that is not on a leash on the trails and in the forest, especially from 1 March to 20 August. Read before you arrive.

  • Fire/grill, except in designated areas. They can be booked via

  • Damage living or dead trees, shrubs and other vegetation, for example by digging up plants, mosses and lichens or removing wood-dwelling fungi.

  • Destroying or damaging fixed natural objects.

  • Disturbing wildlife.

  • Dump garden waste or other rubbish.

More information about the Nackareservatet can be found at here.

Outdoor meetings all year round!

Send an email with your request to or call: 072 320 16 28
In the title you can indicate the date and the number of participants.
Rent the sauna privately

Book the sauna privately: email your request to

You can book the newly renovated sauna privately before or after our regular opening hours. The sauna can be rented for closed and mixed groups (companies, associations, friends) if you wish.

Price: 2500 kr/first hour and 1500 kr next hour on weekdays. On weekends - 2500 SEK/hour.

Time: 7:30-9:30, from 21:30/18:30 on weekdays/weekends.

OBS! There is an extra charge of 1000 SEK if you book on special holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Midsummer Eve and Christmas, New Year, Midsummer Day, Good Friday from 3 pm. Please contact us by email to get the exact price.

Rental of towels: 75 kr/person, bathrobe - 110 kr.

Book the sauna privately: email your request to, indicate the date and the desired time on the booking form.

Payment: to complete your booking, please pay the invoice from Visma before arrival.

OBS! It is very important that you respect the times. Your booked time is counted from the moment you arrive at the facility to the moment you leave. Groups running late will be charged 1000 SEK.

Bring towels to sit in the sauna and for your feet, to go out and use afterwards, and flip-flops/sandals to go out and in. You can read about the visit at sauna.

Cancellation: at least 7 days before arrival the full amount will be refunded, after that - no refund. Rebooking- 72 hours before your booked time.

Stored items are kept outside for two weeks. Staff cannot go through all the leftovers, take responsibility and search therefore self-service on site applies. There is no need to call/email us beforehand. Welcome!