Swimrun at Hellasgården in Stockholm

Here you can download the swimrun track and all other tracks at Hellasgården

Swimrun has become something of a classic activity at Hellasgården after swimrunners from Stockholm and the surrounding area have been training and competing here since the sport took shape in the early 2010s.

Two swimming and two running distances

More information about the banana:

The course is 4 km, of which 3 km is running.

A lap consists of two running and two swimming legs.

First swim between two islands

The course starts in the large courtyard of Hellasgården. After about 100 metres of running westwards, the first swimming section is reached.

You swim across the western part of Källtorpssjön, between the island and the peninsula (see map) and on to Källtorpsbadet on the northern shore.

Trail with tough hills

There you start the trail course which starts with a downhill past the baths, then turns south on a downhill loop that goes on smaller paths.After a few hundred meters you have another strong downhill and make your way up the rocks on the north side of the lake.

Final swim and trail

Then again downhill to the start of the second swim leg.

You now swim across the lake in its eastern part. A slightly shorter distance than the first swim.

The final part of the trail is initially hilly, but when you reach Hellasgården, the final and much flatter part begins.

Trail course marked with symbols

The course is marked with symbols and colour markings on trees and poles. The same applies to the starting and climbing points for the swimming parts.

Elite and beginners use the track

The Swimrun Stockholm community has been training and competing at Hellasgården since the mid-10th century.

The swimrun course at Hellasgården is easily accessible to many people due to its proximity to the city of Stockholm.

It is suitable both for those who are already familiar with the sport and want a challenging place to train, and for those who are curious about the sport and want to try it out.

Here's what to do if you want to organise a swimrun race

If you want to organize a swimrun race with Hellasgården as the meeting place, you should first contact the association's contact person, who you can reach via info@hellasgarden.se


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