Food & Drink


Restaurant Storstugan and Sjöcaféet by the water

In the large timbered the cottage here at Hellasgården you will find restaurant Storstugan, read more on Storstugans website.

At Hellasgården reception, sauna and activity centre at the lake you will find The Lake Café, where you'll find homemade classics (now also very vegan options), coffee/tea, soft drinks, vegan, cheese and turkey sandwiches, lyxtoast, soup, chocolates, energy bars, sports drinks, fruit, hot dogs, waffles and wraps.

Lunch at Sjöcaféet: vegan soup with bread, homemade and coffee - 149 kr.

On Saturdays and Sundays we light a charcoal grill outside the Sjöcafé. There you can grill sausages and hamburgers. You can also use our grill for sausages and other things that you have not bought in the café, for a fee of SEK 60. Pay at the cash desk or by bank transfer to Krasiva AB, 1232203214 !

All year round we continue to serve smoothies, vegan pastries, and more.

Welcome to Sjöcaféet!


What we aim for

We use organic ingredients as much as possible.
With nature as your neighbour
For those of us who work at Hellasgården, sorting at source is a matter of course.
Green Monday
A great start to the week! We provide vegetarian options. Tasty meal!

Don't miss our range of home baked goods!

In the Sjöcafé you will find classic coffee bread and trendy vegan pastries.