Outdoor gym


Outdoor gym in Nacka 

The Hellasgårdens outdoor gym offers several possibilities for training.

The outdoor gym is located at the start of the electric light trail and near the sauna and fitness centre.

Accessible outdoor gym in the middle of nature in Nacka/Stockholm

Here you can work out with a view of Källtorpssjön and the surrounding forest

If you are looking for a gym in Nacka or Stockholm, this could be the option for you.

It is easy to get here from large parts of Nacka as well as the south-eastern parts of Stockholm, Hammarby sjöstad and the city.

You can get here by bus, bicycle or with a warming jog.

For exercisers and elite athletes

The outdoor gym on Ältavägen is used by exercisers and elite athletes in many different sports.

This outdoor gym is also popular with companies that hold conferences at Hellasgården.

Free use of the outdoor gym

Visiting the outdoor gym is - of course - completely free.

If you prefer to work out indoors at Hellasgården we also have an indoor gym, which you book when you book access to the changing rooms, shower and sauna.


At Hellasgården there is also an outdoor gym where you are always welcome.

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