Fishing in Nacka - Pike, trout and perch

Källtorpssjön at Hellasgården is popular for sport fishing. Fish that you are able to catch include pike, trout, rainbow trout and perch.

How to get a fishing licence

It is not allowed to fish without a fishing licence.

For fishing in Lake Källtorpssjön applies to the Stockholm Sport Fishing Licence, which you can buy here.

Other nearby lakes where the same fishing licence is valid are Dammtorpssjön and Söderbysjön.

Fishing in winter

Källtorpssjön in Nacka municipality is popular for fishing even in winter, when many anglers go out on the ice.

The same rules and prohibitions on fishing in these waters apply.

Canadians available for rent

Hellasgården does not provide a boat for sport fishing, but it is possible to hire one of our Canadians.

Motorised boats are not allowed.

All forms of motorised boats are prohibited on the lake.

Water sampling in lakes in the municipality of Nacka and Stockholm

Here you can read about water sampling.

For more information, please contact the Anglers' Association

Maybe you should join an angling club?

If you have questions about angling, where in the municipality you have the right to fish, during which times and in what quantities fishing can take place, as well as what it means to be a member of an angling club? you can contact Sportfiskarna.

In Källtorpssjön you can fish for pike, trout, rainbow trout and perch.

The Stockholm Sport Fishing Licence is valid here.

Here you can read about water sampling.

Rules for the public

As a visitor to the area, you must comply with the regulations that apply to the general public. Some important general points are that you are not allowed to:

  • Destroying or damaging fixed natural objects.
  • Damage living or dead trees, shrubs and other vegetation, for example by digging up plants, mosses and lichens or removing wood-dwelling fungi.
  • Disturbing wildlife.
  • Bring a dog or other pet that is not on a leash.
  • Camping.
  • Cooking, except in the barbecue provided or in a designated place
  • Dump garden waste or other rubbish.
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