Roller skiing

Rent complete roller ski equipment

The footpath next to Hellasgården is very suitable for roller skis, and is used by many Vasalopp skiers.

With us you can rent complete equipment for roller skiing.

Your booking includes skis, shoes, poles and helmet.

We have shoes (Salomon) in sizes from 36-46, sticks just right for those who are 140 cm or taller. Our poles for you from 165 cm or taller have special metal tips designed for roller skiing.

200 SEK for 2 hours.

400 SEK for a full day (returned at the same time the following day).

NEW! A course for those who want to learn to roller ski, on 11-12 June 2024.

The course is held by Micke Åström, certified ski coach through the Swedish Ski Association.

This is how he describes himself and the course:

I am mainly active in Torsby/Värmland, and then I give lessons at Torsby's ski tunnel and sports centre, Mattila and also Långberget. My target group is the first-time skier and up to the more experienced skier. My business extends all year round and this means that I stay updated and develop continuously.

A perfect place for roller skiing

Now I've found out about Hellasgården with your fantastic facility that offers perfect opportunities for roller skiing. A place where many Vasalopp skiers have trained for their main goals. Since I will be there over two days, there are good opportunities for group lessons in both classic and skate/free style. There will also be times for private lessons, which means that you as a skier can come alone or bring friends, family etc.

Beginners' group for roller skis

Beginner group: For those who want to become friends with rollerblades. I will place great emphasis on balance, bridging techniques, turning safely. Will also go over the basics of diagonal, staking, staking - with push offs and downhill strategies. I place great emphasis on safety, security and equipment.

Continuation group for roller skis

Advanced group: If you've skied before, but feel like you're in the dark when it comes to your technique, this is the group for you. I will go through diagonal, stacking, stacking with push-offs and downhill skiing in a more in-depth way. Functional strength exercises will also be integrated into the workout that you can benefit from when running your workouts. The aim is for you as a skier to gain a more in-depth insight into how to become your own coach and gain a greater understanding of how to improve your skiing economy. Balance, weight transfer are also parts that I will work with in order to become a generally better skier.

Freestyle/skating for roller skis

Freestyle/Skating: Balance, weight transfer and timing are three basic keys that you as a skater will train if you sign up for this group. The two, three and four gears will take centre stage and you will gain a deeper understanding of what makes these gears different. The common thread that will run through this lesson is that you will be given keys that will help you to get a better ride economy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by phone: 070/898 226 11
or on

Best regards, Micke Åström - Cross Country Instructor

You can find my website here.

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