Ice waxing exercises, orienteering days, skiing and skating

Hellasgården is a popular excursion destination for schools in and around Stockholm.
Many schools organise recurring parts of their activities here so the school needs to notify reception about it. Email, indicating the name of the school, time and number of pupils in the subject line.

NOTE (2021-02-01): If you are planning to conduct an ice axe exercise here in the compartment we keep open, you must make an appointment. If you do not book in, you risk standing at the bridge with your students without the opportunity to carry out the exercise, there is also a fee of SEK 500 for renting the west side of the bridge. Respect that the eastern part of the sauna is reserved for sauna guests.  

Skiing and skating

If you as a representative of a school want to book skates or skis from 9:00 am, please send an email to

You can book 2 or 4 hours and get access to all skates (about 50 pairs, from size 36) and skis (about 40 pieces of equipment, from size 26).

Price for 2 hours is 3000 SEK, price for 3 hours is 4000 SEK, 4 hours 5000 SEK.

Bookings are made starting at 9:00 am. Once the school is finished, the rental will be opened to the public.

Extra equipment such as ice studs etc. is not included, but can be booked on site.

We have staff on site, but you should have at least one teacher to help students get and return their equipment.

For groups of less than 15 people or bookings later in the day, please refer to the standard online booking for ice skates respectively skiing. We open the booking system on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays before each week, so it is not possible to make a booking more than one week in advance, due to the fact that we cannot predict the weather and conditions of the ice rink and ski tracks.


Orienteering for schools - we provide complete arrangements!

We offer complete arrangements for school orientation:

  • Plans courses of appropriate difficulty.
  • Draws the tracks in modern track drawing software and prints them.
  • Hanging and insertion of control screens and pin clamps. It is also possible to borrow both control screens and pin clamps from us.
  • If you would like to try the latest in orienteering, digital timing, we can discuss the possibilities.

Want to know more?

Send an email to:

Or call 072-320 16 28

Ice axe drills

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