Sauna with Bath & Gym

The sauna is located Källtorpssjön . Entrance and payment are made through our reception in the café.
We have a sauna for ladies and one for men. As a guest in the sauna, you can cool off in Källtorpssjön Via our bathing jetty. Our guests are bathed all year round! After a dip in the lake it is popular to rest on our nice terrace, situated with nice views of the lake and directly adjacent to the sauna building.

You do not need to make an appointment for the sauna during our regular opening hours. As a sauna guest you also have access to our gym.
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Adults 70 SEK

Children until 15y 40 kr

Short cut, 10 visit 600kr

Cut Cards Aufguss 990KR

Annual Pass 3400 SEK

Rent towel, large 30 SEK

Rent towel, small sek 20

Buy lock 50 kr

Rent locks SEK 20

Shower Cream 25kr

Ladies and gentlemen change changing rooms and saunas every Tuesday and Thursday!
When one of the saunas and the dressing room is larger, both ladies and gentlemen should, of course, be intermingled about the slightly more luxurious side. The ladies have access to the larger dressing room Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will inform you about this at the entrance, so be sure to go right!
Mixbastu on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
On Mondays at 10-20:30, Wednesdays 18-20.30 (at Aroma Sauna) and Fridays at 18-20.30 apply Mixbastu. Female visitors are then welcome to the men's sauna. Mixbastu is not applied at other times.
Peaceful Thursdays with peace and quiet and candlelight
On Thursday evenings we reward the quiet and peaceful. With candlelight in the dressing room and shower and with torches on the patio (and when the wind allows also on the jetty), we make it extra relaxing and cozy. Welcome to a moment of peace and tranquillity!
Aroma Sauna with Aufguss & peeling
On Mondays and Wednesdays at. At 18.00-20.30 we have a sauna with "Aufguss", when one of our "saunameisters" is present. entrance at these evenings from at 17 costs 110 SEK instead of the usual 70 kr. The surplus will then go to our talented saunameisters that offers our guests lovely Aufguss. Aufguss comes from German sauna traditions and can be translated by "pouring". At the aroma sauna pours "saunameistern" on water with fragrant essential oils over the hot stones of the men's sauna and evokes wonderful air streams by waving/swiping with a towel.

A seating takes 5-8 minutes and takes place at full and half hours. The aroma applies mixbastu. Female bathers are then welcome to the men's sauna.

In order for guests to have the opportunity to relax and enjoy, of scents and warm winds, the seating takes place in silence.

In the women's sauna There are saunameister on Mondays and Wednesdays, the one of our male saunameisters that goes over to women. Aufguss lasts 18.00-20-00, sittings every half hour.

Saunameisters: Tomas, Lars and Tauno

Aroma Sauna with peeling, usually the first Monday and Wednesday of each month: the sauna (mixed) at. 18.30 and 19.30. The dam sauna at. 19.00 and 20.00.
More about peeling
Peeling occurs at the beginning of each month in conjunction with the Aroma Sauna. The entrance on these evenings is 130 kr.

The peel scrub with the salt's help skin so that you get a smooth skin with luster. The olive oil enriches the skin with vitamins (A, E and K) and antioxidants and moisturizes in a natural way your skin. Lemon gives the mixture a good scent and vitamin C. A lovely feeling stays in the skin for several days and it is an effective treatment for dry skin during autumn and winter.

Date 2019 for Peeling:
January: 7th, 9th
February: 4e, 6e
March: 4e, 6e
April: 1a, 3e
May: 6e, 8e
Juni: 10e, 12e
July: Residence
August: 5e, 7th
September: 2a, 4e
October: 7th, 9th
November: 4e, 6e
December: 2a, 4e
Rules in the sauna
Shower before entering the sauna
Use its towel
No swimwear or clothes in the sauna
After you have been out, rinse your feet
No alkoholförtäring
No glass Bottles
Do not throw water on the walls
After you have been out, rinse your feet
Forbidden to Basta with
Food, candy, fruit
Glass bottles must not be taken into the room