Sauna with bath in the lake

The picture is from the new pond. Below you can read more about how it came to be and why. 

Welcome to have a sauna, swim in the lake and work out with us!

(2022-06-13) To be sure of a place, pre-book your visit online.

Here on the website you can also buy annual passes and season tickets, read more about how these work below.

The sauna is a place for recovery and recreation. Please respect that many guests come for these very reasons.

We expect you as a guest to be considerate of other guests in order to achieve an optimal environment with minimum strain on the facility and maximum consideration for other guests.

You as a guest and we as operators also have a shared responsibility to ensure that the facility is clean and tidy - we have recycling bins for plastic, paper, pet and other items in the changing rooms - and that unnecessary congestion is avoided.

Your entrance ticket can be rebooked for another day if you have purchased a rebooking guarantee at the time of booking, a rebooking guarantee costs SEK 20.

Stored items are kept outside for two weeks. Staff cannot go through all the leftovers, take responsibility and look for your particular item, therefore self-service on site applies. There is no need to call/email us beforehand. Welcome!


Daytime weekdays: 100 kr

Evening time weekdays, from 14:15: 120 kr

Weekends: 140 kr

Children up to 7 years, half price.

Rent the sauna privately: 2 500 SEK. Read more 

Towel rental: 70 kr, bathrobe: 105 kr.

Buy lock: 110 kr

Shower cream: 25-40 kr

How the visit works
You check in at the reception. After that you go to the changing room where you take off your shoes at the entrance and put them in the locker. You can rent towels, bathrobe and padlock at the reception.
You take a shower and go into the sauna. You sit on a towel (no bathing suits or clothes in the sauna).
Wear a towel around your body or swimwear when you go to the lake. There are other guests in the area, such as schools. Wash up!
Rinse off your feet after a shower before going back into the sauna. Wear slippers when you go down to the lake. Leave your shoes on the patio if you're going out more.
You can pour a small amount of water on the stones in the aggregates. This changes the heat and humidity in the sauna. The water evaporates, rises and spreads in the sauna. 
Respect the calm of the sauna and recover from everyday life. The sauna is a place where every individual should be at peace 🙏.
Remember to drink most of the water because basta is dehydrating.
Inside the sauna - no swimwear/other clothes. (For hygienic reasons - water from the lake with algae and other bacteria can get into the sauna.)
Inside the sauna - no alcohol consumption, sauna shoes, food, sweets, fruit, newspapers, etc.
Glass bottles may not be brought into the premises. If a glass falls to the floor and breaks, it is very difficult to remove all the glass splinters.
Pouring a lot of water on the aggregates. Earth leakage switches tend to trip even if there is no fault in the heater, i.e. the sauna gets cold.
To arrange pilling, hair dyeing etc. on the premises.
Outside on the terrace and the jetty - do not swim naked in the lake. (When leaving the changing room on the terrace and the lake, wear a bathing suit or towel around your body.)
Welcome to experience the amazing and unique Hellasgården 🤗🐳🤩!
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Cool off in Källtorpssjön

As a sauna guest, you can cool off in Källtorpssjön via our bathing jetty. Our guests swim here all year round!

After a swim in the lake, it is popular to relax on our terrace, located overlooking the lake and directly adjacent to the sauna building.

OBS! Rinse with a towel all around your body on the terrace, on the way to and from the dock.

The walkway to and from the bathing platform is a vulnerable environment. We advise you to stay there in the company of another bather. The jetty can be slippery and there is a risk of severe hypothermia when swimming.

All swimming is at your own risk.

Diving prohibited!

Opening hours

Opening hours weekdays: 10-21. (Last bookable start time 19:00)

Saturdays and Sundays: 10-18 (Last bookable start time 16:00.)

Different opening hours some weekends and in summer.

Each visit is for a maximum of 2 hours, even if you arrive later than planned, you must leave the facility at the time your booking ends.

Private sauna booking

You can book the newly renovated sauna privately before or after our regular opening hours.  

Time: 7:30-9:30am/after 9:15pm on weekdays and 6:30pm on weekends.

Price: 2500 SEK/first hour and 1100 SEK next hour on weekdays. On weekends: 2500 SEK/hour.

OBS! There is an extra charge of 1000 SEK if you book on special holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Midsummer Eve and Christmas, New Year, Midsummer Day, Good Friday from 3 pm. Please contact us by email to get the exact price.

Rental of towels: 70 SEK/person, bathrobe: 105 SEK/person.

Book the sauna privately: email your request to, indicate the date and time you wish to book.

Payment: to complete your booking, please pay the invoice from Visma before arrival.

OBS! It is very important that you respect the times. Your booked time is counted from the moment you arrive at the facility until the moment you leave. Groups running late will be charged 1000 SEK.

Bring towels to sit in the sauna and for your feet, to go out and use afterwards, and preferably flip-flops/slippers/sandals to go in and out. 

Cancellation: at least 7 days before arrival the full amount will be refunded, after that - no refund. Rebooking- 72 hours before your booked time.


We have started selling digital clip cards.

When you get to "Fill in your details", click on the "I have a gift card code" button. Enter your unique code that you received when you bought the card.

If you have bought a card before the pandemic, enter CLIP CARD when booking, the price will change to 0. Enter the word "clip card" in the "I have a gift card code" button. You show your clip card at the reception/lake café where the staff will clip it. Not valid on weekends.

Price: 900 SEK/daytime, 1100 SEK/evening and 1300 SEK/weekend

Annual pass

Now you can also buy annual passes online. Show your ID card at check-in for the staff of the reception/lake café.  Price: 3900 kr

When you get to Fill in your details, click on the I have a gift card code button. Enter your unique code that you received when you purchased your annual pass.

Parking tickets

Annual passes (January - December) for the car park are only sold to those who have an annual pass for the sauna. Please enter your annual pass code at the reception.

Price annual parking pass: 1000 kr.

Bruce and Swiftr

Members of Bruce or Swiftr use the code BRUCE or SWIFTR respectively when booking - click on the I have a gift card code button. You make one booking per member, i.e. you cannot book multiple seats for yourself. NOTE! You cannot cancel but rebook via email to, there is a 20 kr charge for this.

Check in at the check-out point at the reception/lake café.

Aufguss - aroma sauna on Wednesday evenings (summer break only in July)

On Wednesdays from 18.00-21.00 we have an aroma sauna with "aufguss", under the guidance of our knowledgeable and inspiring "saunameisters".

After the summer, we may return to twice-weekly infusions, as we did before the pandemic.

Entrance fee these evenings is 170 SEK, and your stay is limited to 1.5 hours.

You book in the same way as a normal sauna visit - choose the product Aufguss (ladies) or Aufguss (men).

Aufguss comes from German sauna traditions and can be translated as "pouring on".

In an aroma sauna, the sauna master pours water with fragrant essential oils over the hot stones of the sauna heater, creating wonderful air currents that are enhanced by the sauna master waving/swishing a towel.

A session lasts 5-8 minutes and takes place on a rolling basis during the evening. So you can't expect to be at every sitting, but guests take turns to bathe/shower/rest.

The Aufgussmeister decides how many people can fit in the sauna at the same time and when the sessions take place.

To allow guests to relax and enjoy the scents and warm breezes, the seating is done in silence.

The last session of the evening is around 20:15, so that everyone can finish in peace and be out of the facility by 21:00.

Of our five sauna attendants, only one is a woman. In order to complete the sessions during the ladies' Aufguss, she may need the help of one of our male Aufguss. If this happens, all female guests will be informed.

If you absolutely cannot imagine a man holding an Aufguss during your visit with us, please feel free to write to us via, we make sure not to use one of our male sauna attendants on this particular evening.

Saunameisters: Tomas, Lars, Tauno, Olav and Nicole.

Common question: why don't we have mixed infusion nights?

We, the operators of the sauna, have suspended all mixed activities. The main reason is that there is still a spread of infection, and both departments are now the same size. If ladies are allowed into the men's side, unnecessary crowding could occur there.

If/when we return to offering mixed saunas at certain times, we will clearly communicate when, where and how this is done, as there are guests who for various reasons do not want to be part of the mixed activity.

Panoramic view of the new steam room built at an angle.

This is how it happened when the pond was rebuilt...

Before the facility was rebuilt starting in summer 2020, the capacity on the women's side was significantly smaller than the men's side. Both changing rooms and saunas were smaller.

When the pandemic paralysed parts of the business, the owner, Hellas Alliance Association (a collection of Hellas clubs, read more here) in close consultation with us, the operators of the facility, to carry out the necessary renovations - and a desired redesign of the women's side.

By changing the layout, on a proposal from architect Petter Lindblad at Partum, space was created for more changing lockers and showers - as well as a larger sauna.

The sauna was built at an angle and involved experts in sauna and ventilation. The test runs we did before opening the facility showed that the air circulates as planned and that the heat spreads in a desirable way in the space.

The heater used is a Harvia brand, which is the most common heater used in public saunas in Finland.

Most of the work has been carried out by craftsmen at Söderorts Bygg. We who run the business have enjoyed working with Söderorts Bygg.

During the pandemic, we also moved to online bookings. We can now track booking statistics and see that Hellasgården is used as much, or more, by women than by men. The renovation, which came in over the owner's budget, has thus proved to be well justified and timely.

Here you can see the new reception area. 

From idea to reality - the new reception and activity centre

The new reception and activity centre will serve as a hub for all activities at Hellasgården.

For those of us who run and work at Hellasgården, this is a big step - now we separate the café operations, which will continue to be run in the Sjöcaféet, and the management of all activities - everything from sauna visits and football golf to overnight guests and conference guests.

Hopefully, this will enable us to offer even better service to you as a guest.

Unlike the other parts of the sauna building, the design and furnishings for the reception area have been carried out and largely financed by us, the operators.

The new reception is designed by  Ekotekten and the interior has been manufactured and finished by Golden Interior. A combo that we have greatly appreciated having the chance to work with.

What to do if you can't pay online

Some guests may have difficulty paying online. If this happens to you, please send an email immediately to

In your email, you can write the time you want to book and we want you to specify:

What type of card you are using, if you are booking via mobile then it is of interest to know what type of mobile phone, and if you are booking via computer you will want to know what browser you are using.

For those who had a season ticket or annual pass when the pandemic broke out

Due to the pandemic, we closed the sauna to the public on 24 January. If your season ticket or annual pass had not expired by then, we will extend it by the time you had left, email