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Here's what to do if you want to hold your event at Hellasgården


Hellas maintains the grounds of Hellasgården, such as the parking lot, football field, swimming pool and other open spaces.

Several of these spaces are useful for various types of arrangements.

We are grateful to you for respecting and understanding that maintenance involves costs.

We are more than happy to host your event with us, and would like to assist as much as possible to make it possible.

The first thing to do is to contact us via

It is not allowed to gather a large group of people, set up tents, tables and other things without permission from Hellas.


Explain how your event is intended to work and what kind of support you need from us at Hellasgården.

In order for you to use the land and the services we offer, you pay a rent to Hellas.

The rent varies depending on the size and duration of the event, from 750 SEK for 3 hours (for non-profit associations and schools) to 8 000 SEK for a full day (for companies and commercial events).

In many cases, we can also help you promote your event.


We assume that your event has a focus and purpose that is in line with Hellasgården's focus on sport, exercise, health, recreation and outdoor life.

If you contact us as a company or organisation and want to organise a conference, kick-off or other internal activity, you can read more here!

We look forward to your inquiry!
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