Aufguss - aroma sauna - on Wednesday evenings

Aufguss comes from German sauna traditions and can be translated as "pouring on".

In an aroma sauna, the sauna master pours water with fragrant essential oils over the hot stones of the sauna heater, creating wonderful air currents that are enhanced by the sauna master waving/swishing a towel.

A session lasts 5-8 minutes and takes place on a rolling basis during the evening. So you can't expect to be at every sitting, but guests take turns to bathe/shower/rest.

During Aufguss we allow mixed saunas, which means that ladies are welcome in the men's section.


Aug 23 2023 - Dec 20 2023


18:00 - 21:00

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Hellasgården, 131 33 Nacka, Sweden


Infusion masters :)
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