Kickoff in Stockholm at Hellasgården - Explore our activities!

Kickoff in Stockholm can be a great opportunity to strengthen the team spirit and community among the company's employees. At Hellasgården we offer a variety of activities and experiences that are perfectly suited for kickoff events. With Hellasgården's beautiful surroundings with Nackareservatet as a backdrop, you get the chance to relax in nature and enjoy fun activities together during your stay with us.

We understand the importance of finding activities that suit your company and your colleagues and employees, which is why we have a wide range of activities to choose from. At Hellasgården you can enjoy our swimming and sunbathing facilities, explore the beautiful nature reserve and participate in exciting team building exercises.

The purpose of a kickoff is often to strengthen cohesion and provide new insights and new energy to the company and staff, and here at Hellasgården we want to ensure that you and your colleagues have an experience that you will never forget. With our activities and scenic surroundings, we are confident that your kickoff at Hellasgården will be a fantastic start to your time together.


Here at Hellasgården in Nacka, Stockholm, we offer an experiential sauna for those looking for a relaxing kickoff. Recovery and recreation are important ingredients in creating a healthy workplace.

We offer, among other things, an aroma sauna where, with the help of various essential oils and an Aufgussmeister, we create an atmosphere that provides a fantastic experience for the entire department or company. Of course, you can choose to sauna without aufguss if you prefer.

As guests at our sauna facility, you also have the opportunity to cool off in Källtorpssjön via our jetty. Our visitors swim here all year round! After a dip in the lake, you can enjoy a quiet moment outdoors on our terrace, which has a beautiful view of the lake and is directly adjacent to the sauna building.

On certain days of the week in public time, we have a mixed, and what we call culturally safe, sauna. During this period, the ladies are welcome to move over to the men's side. The women's section is always on Friday and no men are allowed there, and the same applies to the terrace outside the sauna where the men's section is separated from the women's by a plank. This allows women of all cultural and religious backgrounds to enjoy the sauna without having to worry about being in the same space as men.

All in all, we offer a unique and wonderful experience for your company or department during your kickoff at Hellasgården. Welcome to enjoy our beautiful sauna with your colleagues and create memorable moments together.


Welcome to Hellasgården and enjoy a lovely swim in Källtorpssjön during your kickoff! Here you get the chance to relax after a working day and enjoy the scenic surroundings together with your colleagues. Perhaps a wonderful swimming experience could be the community-building activity that you and your company or department are looking for?

During the summer months, Hellasgården offers an inviting sandy beach with plenty of sunbathing spots and a jetty. You can come here to cool off and spend a relaxing time in the sun.

Close to the fitness centre, there are several swimming piers to choose from. If you have paid for the use of the sauna, you have access to an exclusive bathing platform for a more private experience.

So why not treat yourself and your colleagues to a moment of relaxation and a refreshing swim at Hellasgården during your kickoff? It's guaranteed to be an experience you won't forget and a perfect way to strengthen the community in the workplace. Visit Hellasgården and discover what makes this place so special!


Kayaking is an excellent activity to do together with your colleagues when you want to have an experience out of the ordinary at your kickoff in Stockholm. At Hellasgården you have the opportunity to explore the wonderful natural environment of the surroundings together in optional tours.

At Hellasgården you can rent kayaks, canoes and SUPs.

Paddling together strengthens cohesion, communication and co-operation within the group. It also provides a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of Stockholm from the water, while having a memorable experience.

Hellasgården offers several options in terms of tours to choose from. It is easy to adapt the paddling route according to time and scope. You can paddle around the nearby Källtorpssjön or further out into one of the neighbouring lakes. Paddling in Källtorpssjön, or any of the longer tours we suggest, is very similar to paddling in parts of the Stockholm archipelago.

Experience an unforgettable kickoff in Stockholm at Hellasgården by kayak and enjoy the beauty of nature together with your colleagues. You will not be disappointed if you choose this activity for your company kickoff!

Football golf

At Hellasgården you can enjoy a great kickoff experience with football golf. This activity is both fun and challenging, and is perfect for everyone regardless of age or previous experience. The football golf offers a nice walk in the beautiful nature around Hellasgården, and a round takes about 90 minutes to play.

Football golf is played like regular golf, but instead of using a club, you kick a football at the hole. This not only creates a different challenge, but also a lot of laughter that can strengthen the sense of community in the group.

If you haven't tried football golf before, Hellasgården's scenic and highly appreciated 18-hole course is the perfect place to do so. Here you get an unforgettable experience that both strengthens team spirit and creates wonderful memories to look back on.

Prepare for a day filled with joy and beautiful nature when you kick off your kickoff at Hellasgården with a round of football golf.

Mountain bike

At Hellasgården, you and your workmates can try mountain biking (MTB) as an exciting activity for your kickoff. Here you will find roads and trails of varying degrees of difficulty, making it possible for even beginners to benefit from the day. With beautiful nature and forest around, you are guaranteed to have an experience that you will never forget.

Those of you who are already experienced cyclists can challenge yourselves by trying to complete the blue cycle track which runs almost exclusively on small paths in the forest. It's a great opportunity to develop your skills while having fun with your colleagues.

Hellasgården offers mountain bike hire, so it's easy to get started. It is also possible to book a whole group with a knowledgeable guide to give you the best possible mountain bike experience at your kickoff.

So why not combine your next kickoff in Stockholm with a challenging, fun and team-building mountain bike activity? Hellasgården is waiting for you with lots of adventure and nature experiences.


How about giving your kick-off in Stockholm at Hellasgården an extra challenging twist with orienteering? In a beautiful and scenic environment, you as a team can get lost together with the boss, which has a good chance of strengthening your cohesion and co-operation skills. Hellasgården offers complete arrangements with orienteering adapted to your group and level of difficulty.

Just 15 minutes from the city centre, orienteering at Hellasgården is a fun and energetic activity that gets you thinking outside the box and solving tricky tasks together. You'll experience the thrill of navigating through the outdoor area using a map and compass, while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

During the activity, you will learn the basics of orienteering, such as map reading and how to use a compass effectively. It is also possible to order a complete arrangement including instructions and on-site guidance. Whatever you choose, you will be able to adapt the level of difficulty to your own taste and ability, whether you are a beginner or more experienced in orienteering.

With orienteering as part of your kick-off at Hellasgården, you will feel how your team becomes more cohesive, and how the experience can strengthen communication and loyalty among colleagues. So let orienteering be a highlight of your company kick-off and prepare for a fantastic day out in nature at Hellasgården!


Hellasgården is the perfect place to kick-start your corporate event with a lovely hike in scenic surroundings. On your own, either with a map or with the help of the excellent trails, you can get in close contact with nature and create a sense of togetherness and community within your team.

At Hellasgården, there are several exercise loops with floodlit trails where you can choose to run, cycle or just enjoy a relaxing walk in the beautiful surroundings. This offers a great opportunity to disconnect from the stress of the workplace and focus on your team in a relaxed and healthy way.

To make your hike extra special, you can also consider picking some of the beautiful flowers along the way, participate in bird watching or even organise a nature treasure hunt to make the experience more interactive and memorable for all team members.

With so many different ways to explore and appreciate nature at Hellasgården, your team building hike is sure to be a great experience and create memories for life.


Trying SUP at Hellasgården can be a perfect activity for your kick-off in Stockholm. On the beautiful Källtorpssjön you will have the opportunity to relax while being surrounded by beautiful nature.

The simple technique makes it possible for everyone to participate, regardless of previous experience. You can rent SUP boards at Hellasgården. In addition, Hellasgården offers instructors and guidance for those who want extra help.

For those looking for more than just paddling, try yoga on a SUP board. It gives you the chance to combine relaxation and exercise on the water while enjoying the beautiful nature of Källtorpssjön.

In the surrounding area there are also opportunities for other activities if you want to make your kickoff even more memorable. Do not hesitate to contact Hellasgården for more information and booking of SUP and other activities, so you can ensure a successful and unforgettable kickoff for your work group.

Beach volleyball

Hellasgården offers you the opportunity to play beach volleyball during your kickoff in Stockholm. This activity is perfect for those who want a fun and energetic experience together with their colleagues. Beach volleyball in Hellasgården's beautiful natural surroundings can be the perfect ingredient for a successful kickoff.

While playing beach volleyball at Hellasgården, you can take breaks and enjoy a coffee in the café when you need to rest and recuperate. Don't forget to explore the other activities that Hellasgården offers during your stay, such as the sauna, gym and canoeing, to make your kickoff a truly memorable day.

So why not take the opportunity to combine business with pleasure during your company kickoff at Hellasgården? Create memorable moments by challenging each other in a great game of beach volleyball and strengthen your cohesion as a team. Beat your colleagues in an energetic match and create new, fun memories together.

Hot air ball

brännboll på hellasgården

Hellasgården offers a fast-paced and memorable kickoff activity - brännboll! Throw yourself back in time and experience the wonderful nostalgic feeling of playing brandy ball as you did in your younger days. This activity is perfect for companies that want to strengthen team spirit and are looking for a simple and easy way to create happy memories together.

Fireball is a popular classic that most people can participate in, regardless of previous experience. It's a fun activity that unites you as colleagues and allows you to experience a sense of community. Prepare yourself for laughter, excitement and maybe a little bit of competitive instinct!

Hellasgården offers a scenic environment and excellent facilities to make your kickoff with fireball an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a small team or a larger group, branding is a guaranteed popular activity that makes you feel like a child again.

So gather your colleagues, put on your match clothes and prepare for a day at Hellasgården filled with enthusiasm and excitement that strengthens team spirit - where you can experience both true community and fresh air in beautiful natural surroundings at the same time. Fireball at Hellasgården will be an experience you will never forget!


At Hellasgården you can enjoy an exciting and relaxing kick-off experience by trying sport fishing in Källtorpssjön. Here you can take a break from the stress of working life and at the same time discover new sides of each other as colleagues. Expect a variety of fish such as pike, trout, rainbow trout and perch in this popular sport fishing lake in Nacka municipality.

It is not only the summer evenings that attract fishing enthusiasts to Källtorpssjön - even in winter the lake attracts many anglers who venture out on the ice. Fishing together is a great team-building activity where you can work together and share your best fishing tips and tricks to catch the biggest fish of the day.

Enjoy the beautiful nature and the genuine community. Bring your blanket, hot drink and something good to grill by the lake to make your day at Hellasgården complete. With us, everyone, regardless of previous experience, can find the joy of fishing and many discover a new hobby they may not have known they were interested in.

Sharing an authentic and genuine fishing experience at Hellasgården will create both memories and cohesion for you as co-workers. Take the opportunity to make your kickoff an eventful day where you get to experience and learn something new together. Remember to buy a fishing licence from Sportfiskarna, which you can do online, and prepare for your day at Hellasgården.