rysssbergen hotade

Sister forests threatened by exploitation - read this if the Russian Mountains concern you...

Three natural areas in the vicinity of the Nackareservat are threatened by development. On Monday, a demonstration is expected against the planned decisions on the Ryssbergen.

At the Nacka City Council meeting on Monday 21 February, it is expected that the decision will be made to build on the most frequented part of Ryssbergen, known as "Stockholm's closest primeval forest", and that only a small part of Ryssbergen will be classified as a nature reserve.

The County Administrative Board and others who have had the opportunity to submit their comments want the entire Ryssbergen to become a reserve.

If you feel this concerns you, you can take part in a demonstration outside Nacka City Hall on Monday 21 February from 16.00.

More about the picture: the sign is put up to make the public aware that only a small part of the Ryssbergen will be classified as a reserve. The other parts will be left open for development. Picture taken from Nature page.

Read more on the Nature page.

More areas under threat

Two other natural areas in Nacka are also threatened by development.

Trolldalen (Henriksdalsbacken).

Here is the new building on consultation until 17 March.

Read more on the municipality's page

Ormingeskogen (Skarpnäs)

Nature reserve Skarpnäs is out for consultation until 14 March, while at the same time it wants to expand the Kummelberget industrial area at the expense of the nature reserve. Several areas previously proposed as reserves have now also been excluded.

See Nacka municipality's website for more information.