Finally: the Dambastun has opened - we thank all the professionals and volunteers for their efforts!

When the pandemic paralysed part of the business, the Hellas associations, which own Hellasgården, took the opportunity to carry out the necessary renovations to the facility and at the same time rebuild it so that we can now offer the public a facility that is just as spacious and can accommodate just as many guests on the women's side as on the men's side.

Expected and unexpected challenges

The work started in autumn 2020 and has encountered many challenges, both expected and unexpected.

The team on site that was responsible for the renovation and rebuilding of the "new" ladies' side is represented in the photo by Jan Agerstig and André Trehörning from Söderort Bygg and Felix Sundin from Agén El.

Voluntary efforts that make the operation possible

On the right you see Henrik Holm and Bo Jutner who, as member and chairman respectively of the Hellas responsible for the operation of Hellasgården and the contact with tenants (the so-called Garant Association) - who here represent the many voluntary efforts that have been and continue to be made to ensure that Hellasgården remains an appreciated and often beloved oasis for exercise, outdoor activities, nature experiences and community.

The new reception opens on 14 February - welcome to the open house!

Work on the new reception will continue for a few more weeks.

The inauguration of the new reception will be on 14 February, just in time for Valentine's Day and - hopefully - the upcoming easing of coronary restrictions.

At 10:00 we will cut the ribbon and then there will be an open house throughout the day. Feel free to drop in for a coffee with "home baked" goods!

Until then, the entrance to the sauna remains at the rear of the facility.

Here you can read more and book your sauna visit.

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